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My name is Emma Y. I am in the 8th grade. I made this page, and all subsequent pages, as part of my computer science education at Triway Junior High School.

I love this class it is so fun and I am competing against my best friend. I don't really know what to put in my website but I will try to make it interesting!!

Did you know that panda's just sleep whenever? Panda's don't fall asleep at a certain time, if they are tired they fall asleep.

Scorpions can hold their breaths for up to 6 days!! I wish I could do that. I could win so many bets.

Giraffes are the only animals that don't yawn.

Turtles can breath through their butts and pee through their mouths. I chuckled when I saw this one.

Dogs can see their own farts.

About me!!


The image above (anime girl) is from a game called Doki Doki Literature club. I LOVE this game. It's a dating/horror game. If you can play it please consider playing it.

I like watching lot's of youtube,and it's a handy homework tool if I need it. My favorite youtubers run gaming/theory channels. I also like watching animation channels like oddonesout.

So everyone talks about their body's. Be it a good way or a bad way. Your body is Awesome. I body shame myself a lot. You shouldn't do that. Every body is amazing. Every person attached to that body is amazing. All images I have found are from google images. Click

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