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Our students have many interesting courses to choose from at our school.
This course, computer applications, includes an introductory study of
coding and web development. Our goal is to help students develop their
critical thinking skills, as well as their abilities to learn from a
variety of sources, including an on-line tutorial.

View their web pages by clicking on a student name below.
Please remember, these students are young, eager to learn, and all of
this is new to them. By the end of the nine-week course, every student
will know how to create and manage a web site using html, CSS, and
JavaScript. Where they go from there is anyone's guess, but the good
news is that they will have a good grasp on computers and coding.
Thanks for your time and interest in their work.

Grade 8

Lexi B. '23
Ruben B. '23
Elliot D. '23
Haley F. '23
Makayla G. '23
Chad H. '23
Kevin Q. '23
Sawyer L. '23
Allysa L. '23
Logan M. '23
Shawn M. '23
Treavos M. '23
Jacob M. '23
Jaden S. '23
Clayton S. '23
Caden S. '23
Tyler B. '23
Khloe B. '23
Mason D. '23
Kenzie F. '23
Kaelee G. '23
Kadence G. '23
Riley G. '23
Jaxon H. '23
Cameron H. '23
Jayden J. '23
Sidney J. '23
Baylen L. '23
Sydney L. '23
Sydney L. '23
Peyton M. '23
Vincent N. '23
Gaige S. '23
Emmale T. '23
Korben W. '23
Cooper B. '23
Simon B. '23
Caleb C. '23
Rylan D. '23
Emma F. '23
Will N. '23
Khamaria O. '23
Joel P. '23
Ryan S. '23
Rick G. '79
Student Stand-Outs

Jayla M. '23
Emma Y. '23
Jaden M. '23
Riley G. '23
Khamaria O. '23
Kade W. '23

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